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Survive Scale Soar

Nov 4, 2022

In this episode of Survive Scale Soar: REAL Talk, your host Jeremy Williams takes on the attack on Jim  McIngvale, better known to Houstonians as Mattress Mack and the Owner of Gallery Furniture, during and following the Astros vs Phillies in the World Series at Citizens Bank Park. What lesson can be learned from Mack from this incident? Learn more about the Houston Icon in this REAL Talk.

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Jeremy Williams is the Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching. Red Hawk Coaching provides one-on-one coaching for small business owners seeking to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. Since 2010, Jeremy has help small business owners soar both in business and life.

Jeremy is also the Best-Selling Author of the book, Survive Scale Soar - The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the LIfe and Business You Deserve. Learn more and pick up a copy here today.